Saturday, December 01, 2007

7H sleep for 60H

I slept just under seven hours for a span of sixty hours. That's coz I went to Seattle and went out immediately post-flight. I flew with Jackie and Precious was already in Seattle; we hunted the first Starbucks store despite the cold and the rain!

We found it at Pike Place Market--a small store where you order your coffee to go. No tables and chairs. (The coffee and the cups they use are the same new ones that most stores use but the store was kept with the original logo and countertops.) They take your order at the counter, girl scribbles down on the cup, throws your cup to a barista almost two meters away, barista catches it and makes your coffee. Cool, eh? Bought aL a mug with the old logo on it.

Would anybody argue that this barista is so hot?

Starbucks' old logo.
It was in downtown Seattle and it was my first time there and it was awesome. I feel Christmas, I feel like I'm in a different country. Downtown LA nor San Francisco, not even Manhattan felt as downtown-y as Seattle's. We dropped by Ross coz Jack wants to get bags as Christmas gifts; Walgreens to get some chips; a mall where we had dinner (I had Chinese food); and Pacific Place to get twelve (12!) Victoria's Secret mists that Mica had asked me to get her.

I have thing for Christmas and Christmas trees okay :)

Then we walked to the bus station and waited more than fifteen minutes for the bus--I fell asleep during the bus ride! We stayed at Precious' room and ordered Pizza Hut too :) Slumber pizza party--and then we learned of the coup happening in Manila and then we slept!

Jack and I were add crew on the way back, sitting as passengers on a 12-hour flight. I find it hard to fall asleep on a chair, especially on a flight so I was wide awake and just eating and chatting with Precious when she's not busy with passengers or just listening to music with aL's B20.

We arrived last night and had dinner with dongkis at the lounge; later on Cha put some oil on my back and massaged me a bit (ooh thank God!) coz my back hurt from sitting for 12 hours; then I checked my January sched and fell dead asleep.

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