Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hearts' (Sorry for the hate post, I just have to)

So I went to the doctor yesterday who gave me meds and not a urine test even if I wanted to. Checked my schedule and found out my sickness gave me a miss flight record. Dang. Anyway at least I missed a flight not because I didn't wake up or something, coz I would have been so pissed.

+ + +

Valentine's day almost here but I'm flying to Seattle today so I might not greet all of you in your respective timezones, so Happy Hearts' day everyone! Hope you enjoy it with loved ones (and that includes family and friends!)

+ + +

I just finished my first real sale on eBay, the buyer bought all of my National Geographic magazines and I had em shipped to Baguio City. Cool! And a book was being bid upon from P150 now up to P255. Hmmm.. I'm thrilled! Nobody seemed to notice a book by my favorite author though.

I'll be posting new items for sale when I get back from Seattle. But I really don't feel like shopping in Seattle though, it's freakin' cold! Well we'll see.

Some of my Asiana batchmates are thinking of eBay-ing too :)

+ + +

(Excuse me, hate post...)

And what's the deal with people who try to have everything? For those who can't shut their mouths, can't be contented with what they have or what they're given... All I can tell you is you selfless immature b**ch, go help yourself and not wait til someone gives you what you need. And if you're not given what you asked for, don't f**k up their lives by going against what you're supposed to do, where you're supposed to be. You're lucky you're even there, you messed up lives already, and if you want to mess up some more, then do it with yours! For now we're brushing you off and not even confronting you, we're not hurting you nor telling you what to do; but when your narrowmindedness strikes and it threatens to hurt a few more people, then I tell you we're not gonna think twice in doing what we must. One more stupid decision and you won't wanna wait til I get home!

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