Saturday, February 16, 2008

SHE is So Sweet

On my Seattle flight, I flew with a junior Korean crew named Mi-Jin Lee. She was formerly a domestic crew turned international in Asiana. She was kind and helpful in a genuine way. Going back to Seoul, we were add crew. Sitting as passengers on an 11-hour flight sucks, and we're both bored. She ended up sitting next to my seat and we talked for hours, played with my DS, listened to her iPod (yes, she's got English songs) and her teaching me Korean and I correct her English. By the end of the flight, we've exchanged email addresses and she gave her mobile phone number. We agreed to meet the next day, our day off.

At noon, she's here and we went to Insadong, a strip known for shops with souvenirs and Korean traditionals. We went window shopping, taking pictures, explaining cultures and her treat--Korean restaurant! What's great about her is that you could ask her almost anything and she'll gladly explain. We went food sampling (free samples), visiting art exhibits (she paints), laughing at weird actions of other people and many many things. I had lots of fun and we hanged out at Starbucks for more talks.

We both whined how twisted the seniority is at Asiana, some company principles that aren't so wise, and how she HATES Korean men's culture. In her own words, "a lot of foreign people likes Asian women, but nobody wants to be with Korean men."

We got back to my hotel room just in time before Al's sleeping time, and she left at around 5-ish. After about half an hour the front desk agent is at my door, with a paper bag of food (pizza bread, cake and juice) with a note that says, "If you don't eat, not good for health." She is so sweet!

It's funny how after almost two years in Korea, I have just made a Korean friend. I hope we could work our schedules out and meet for movie and Namsan Tower!

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