Monday, February 11, 2008


Just got in from SF. Not really a good day coz I was non-working for the inbound flight due to the fact that I was peeing with blood. I was hella scared. And pelvic area was giving me cramps like I'm gonna die. I feel better now, no more blood too, but I'm gonna have a checkup done tomorrow. Darn. Gonna waste my day off.

Anyway highway subway freeway... I got my Polar White DS Lite from Al with Super Mario Brothers nonetheless (I swear I could use up all my time Mario-ing and not caring about any other games), then we went to Fry's Electronics where we got a Bomberman and a pair of Sony earphones to go with my DS Lite, plus screen protectors. I got him a camera bag that was on sale for $30, big enough to fit his DJ (that's his D40's name) with both the lenses.

Surprise for me! Yey! He gave me a bracelet with a heart pendant(?) that had my name engraved on one side and "Love, Al" on the other. Pre-Valentines gift coz we're not gonna be together on Vday. Sweet.

No pictures for this visit, and we don't know why.

P.S. I'm gonna name my DS "Polly" :)

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