Thursday, February 07, 2008

My New Hobby

Haha, I was in Manila for the continuation of my January days off and since I was so disappointed that I didn't get a DS Lite when I was in SF, I tried searching for DS Lites online and stumbled upon; I never thought online shopping in the Philippines actually happens until I browsed through eBay. That was when I tried lookin' up items that I usually buy on layovers and started fidgeting with the calculator. I realized I could sell those items for a much cheaper price.

Also, I've been telling Al to sell some of their stuff at home on eBay rather than throwing them away or sending them to the Philippines na wala naman halos makikinabang. Theirs is a typical household full of stuff they don't need that they bought when there was this huge sale, etc. Subsequently, I started searching our own house for stuff that we don't need anymore but is still in good condition to sell at a pre-owned price.

Voila, I am now a seller on eBay! Right now I only have items that I got from our library at home, some books I've finished reading and a lot of Nat Geo magazines. My dad's still hesitant on selling the really old issues of his Nat Geo collection.

I'm so excited to get to SF again (not only because Al had bought me a DS Lite already when finally it was in stock again) because I'm so excited to shop for items that I deem cheaper in the states to sell on eBay to Philippine online market. And since it's just a hobby, I'm not inclined on getting too much from it, I plan to compete and give the lowest price possible. Kasi para san pa na bibili sila online if they're getting stuff that's only A BIT cheaper than when you get them at Rustan's diba?

I spent days studying eBay, checking out prices, fees for selling and shipping. I've finally posted some items yesterday and I'm so excited what's gonna happen. I even made a Multiply account to have a bigger market.

Finally I'd maximize the perks of my job--and all the time I spend in front of my laptop!

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