Monday, March 03, 2008

Lazy Leap Year

Look who's been a lazy blogger! :) Haha! So while I've been missing here's what had happened with me:
  • My eBay account got suspended for reasons I don't even know; filed an appeal for account reinstatement and faxed some documents for that; got it back yesterday so it's up and running again.

  • Because my eBay was down for almost a week, I listed my items over at Sulit and got a buyer for one of my products. So maybe I'll maintain two accounts now. She said she found my site when she Googled up where to buy it in the Philippines--tags work! :)

  • Got to stay at a condo during my three days in Manila, and now I'm looking into investing in one--told Al about it too.

  • Al forgot our seventh monthsary. He never did remember any of the seven.

  • Was at home for my best friend's birthday celebration, coolness!

  • Updated my bank account, opened another and got a call from a credit card company that I applied for...nuninuninu...

  • Been referred to as the "girl I was most serious about," and "the one that got away." Don't ask me who it was I'm not gonna say.

  • Had my first real cry for 2008. And it isn't because somebody did me wrong or anything. Complicated.

  • After a year and a half of flying, me and three Asiana batchmate-friends finally had a common day off here in Seoul!

  • Felt he loved me more than I do.

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