Monday, March 17, 2008

Proof of Billing

REALLY Lazy. That's how I've been. When I'm online I'm just mostly checking my mail, eBay and then bank stuff. I feel so old. I spend hours banking online and going through bills; and now most of my Makati days are spent going to--still--banks and paying bills! I feel so old.

I had the broadband account transferred to my name since I pay for it. And the CS officer asked me for a proof of billing, I said, "I don't have any. That's exactly why I want this under my name, so I can have a proof of billing." Which is true: Everywhere, everybody NEEDs to have a billing statement to start something. I opened a savings account at BPI and they asked me for the same thing. Good thing my dad was with me and he's a good client of that branch so the account officer accepted my dad's proof of billing. If, as they say, it's just the address that they need, why can't they ask for a driver's license or a voter's ID or a postal ID?

Oh yea, I got my HSBC Red card. So fun that there's a free Kenneth Cole wallet for new-to-bank accounts/subscribers.

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