Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

Tagged by Victor, here are ten.

1. I got my first credit card. And the credit limit isn't so bad. :)
2. Ate a lot of seafood during Tatay's birthday.
3. Went on an impromptu hangout night on a late MONDAY evening so we got a bar to ourselves and danced like crazy.
4. I got a San Francisco flight on April...out of nowhere.
5. People are starting to realize and recognize who's who and who's doing what.
6. Yana saying, "a-yey" while trying to mimic my "Haller!"
7. Being able to keep my promise to Al to be good, despite lotsa guys around.
8. I like my new hairstyle.
9. A mobile phone charm I had made.
10. He makes me happy every single day. Just by being there and being who he is.

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