Thursday, April 19, 2012

Globe Telecom Customer Support

My phone rang mid-afternoon today, flashing an unknown landline number.


ME: Hello?
HIM: Hi, this is **** from Globe Network support team.
ME: Okay...?
HIM: Ma'am I'm calling about mobile number 917-52-----. May I get your name please?
ME: Kat
HIM: Are you the assignee for this number?
ME: (sarcastically) Yes. (Duh?)
HIM: Is it a good time to call?
ME: What do you need? (Annoyed by this time because he speaks slow, and I'm at work.)
HIM: I'm calling about your concern po about your network problem...?
ME: What?! What concern?
HIM: We have it on file that you reported a problem using your BlackBerry services?
ME: No.
HIM: Meaning, you did not create this ticket po?
ME: What date is that filed?
HIM: February 22, ma'am.
ME: It's April na.


Wow, Globe Telecom! That's just unbelievable.

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