Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plans on Migration

Ever since I could remember, I did not have the usual Filipino's "American Dream." Nor did I have a Canadian and Australian version of it. I am content with what I have here in the Philippines; I think it's a perfect work-life balance here. Having had a boyfriend in the US did not change that fact, although I was ready to move to the States if needed.

So I wonder now, what happened? Yesterday, I found myself browsing through the Canadian Embassy and Australian Embassy's websites. I was clicking and trying to learn more about migration to these countries--in Canada I didn't pass the self assessment test (ha!). Understanding that a plain "company employee" is not really in demand for these countries, I caught myself thinking of changing my career, planning on post-grad studies, and even improving my French (as a second language in Canada).

Is it just me getting bored at work? Is it because I know now that I am fully capable of living on my own?

If anyone asks me now to move to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia or NZ, I don't think I'd bat my eyelashes twice.

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