Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sick on Holy Week

My usual Holy Week schedule is Visita Iglesia for Thursday, procession on Good Friday and "Salubong" at Easter dawn. I just happen to not finish this tradition this year.

MAUNDY Thursday
I drove home early from Pasig, left at 5-ish. The family went on with the usual Visita Iglesia, visiting only 7 churches. I ate 2pcs of kikiam and buko along the way and we ended up at a Chinese resto in Manila after the last church.

GOOD Friday
Despite lack of sleep and my plan on sleeping until noon, my tummy woke me up at 7am and didn't let me go. By 10am mom is asking if I want to go to the hospital and I said yes. We, of course, didn't. We went to my uncle who's a doctor. Because of the agonizing pain, my mom's fear is appendicitis or gall stones. My uncle checked me up and said it might be something I ate the day before. Okay, screw kikiam. Maybe I'm no longer used to street food. Arte much?

I am wincing in pain, had taken meds and cant get myself to eat anything. By 5pm, I'm having chills. Temp is almost 40°C. Not cool. By the end of the day, summing it up, I did nothing on this day but lie down, wince in pain and drink water. I only ate one donut and a couple of spoonfuls of pancit canton.

BLACK Saturday
Mom says uncle recommends some
Lab tests to make sure I don't have dengue nor typhoid fever. By now I don't really care what diagnosis they wanna call it, I just wanna be able to eat and my tummy not reacting so violently! Fever has subsided after forcing myself to sleep last night despite chills.

It's now half past midnight so it's technically Easter. I hear fireworks signaling the "Salubong" is happening already. Well, I'm still in bed. I still don't have a diagnosis (it ain't dengue, at least), and every spoonful of food gets me twisted. I am assuming I have some sort of intestinal flu, amebiasis, or probably food poisoning. Whatever it is, I just want it over and done with. My eyes have sunk so deep--as if my inborn dark bags aren't enough! This is probably the sickest I have been in more than a decade.

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