Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: My Flower Depot

Whenever I think of flower deliveries, I think of nothing but My Flower Depot. Over the years, I can almost add them to my browser's bookmarks. Years back, I started browsing for an online flower shop that delivers in Metro Manila. As a flight attendant (then), I would miss a lot of occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings, and not be in Manila for times when people need me: death of a family member, broken-hearted friends, or somebody in the hospital. This site, in a way, has been filling in for me.

So, why did I choose My Flower Depot? I have a thing for being organized and neat. Call me weird but I chose them simply for the following reasons:
  • The name sounds legit. No offense to other sites, but this just seemed that it was thought of.
  • The website is not a mess. It looks refreshing as if you're walking into a room full of flowers for you to choose, unlike other sites where it's like [picture]+price, that's it.
  • They accept PayPal. Major brownie points for me. The last thing I wanted was someone stealing my credit card info.
  • Prices are quoted in Philippine Pesos. For me, that indicates that these are priced based on Philippine standards, and not overpricing their items, greedy of the foreigners' and balikbayans' money.
Proving my hunches right, they are indeed a quality provider. Bouquets are in sturdy boxes avoiding damage in transit. You can also give them minor requests. I once asked them to deliver flowers to my lola on her birthday and have asked that it not be in a box, to mimic the feeling when someone gives you flowers, not when someone is giving you a boxed present. And that's what they did exactly.

A couple of days ago, I heard that a friend was in the hospital. I'm swamped at work and am unable to visit her. Before I went home that night, I browsed for flowers again, and found out that I just missed the 4PM cutoff for next-day deliveries. I'm not sure how many days my friend will be confined, but shrugged and thought it might be worth a try. The following afternoon, my friend sent me an SMS: "I just woke up from the operation, and I saw the flowers. Touched." It's just...priceless, making someone feel you're there even if you can't.

To whoever owns My Flower Depot, thank you. 


chulalongkorn13 said...

I am also a fan of I browsed for a reliable but inexpensive flowers for Mother's day and I found this website. I have been using them for years now and I'm satisfied with the quality of service they do. Once, I had a complain with the wrong order and they didn't hesitate to refund my money back. No questions asked.

Katia said...

Thank you for your feedback. That is true. They're very accommodating too. Glad you like them.

Rony Qui said...

Dont Order any flower from them when its valentines day. They didn't send my order on time. Now I'm calling the ONLY phone I can access which is their mobile phone. All of their landlines are not accessible. And they dont even answer the phone!. Very poor service.

Anonymous said...

I agree. not only they don't deliver on time. It also took them a week just to refund my money. And true They don't answer my email I still have to call them thru their landline

Anonymous said...

Warning!!! Avoid this place ( like the plague. They are never on time, they send ugly wilted dying flowers, imo they get them from cemetarys after they close. Vases come broken. Customer service is non existent or they choose to just take your many and not answer complaints. You've been warned.