Monday, April 23, 2012

My Personal Top 5 iPhone Tips

With me teaching Abet a few tips and tricks on iPhone last week, I got inspire in making my own list of the top 5 tip/trick that any iPhone 4/4S user SHOULD know. My iPhone 4 is my first iPhone ever, so I'm not sure if these apply to all models.

Why you need it: Capturing what is on your phone may be handy a lot of times. Like, when you want to save an email conversation and share the exchange. Screenshots are also helpful when teaching somebody about something: which to click, what it looks like, etc. Lastly, I have also used screenshots as reminders. Sure, the calendars works out well, but I'm the kind of person who'd prefer seeing my to-do list over and over again. I opened a new note, wrote my list, captured the screenshot and saved it as my lock screen. That way I see it every time I check my phone. 
How to do it: Press and hold the home button. While doing so, press the On/Off button (on top of iPhone 4/4s). You should hear a camera flash sound and see a white flash-like split-second display. Your screenshot is now captured and you can view it from your Photo Album.

Locking Portrait Orientation
Why you need it: The first few days that I had my iPhone, being a noob and all, my first dilemma was using my phone while in bed. Everytime I do, the orientation changes landscape. Sure you can text on landscape orientation, but I prefer seeing more of my message than a bigger keypad.
How to do it: Wherever you are on your phone, double press the home button. Your screen should go up and show you app icons that are running. Swipe to the left until you reach the leftmost, you will see a gray icon with a rounded arrow. Click to toggle lock/unlock. 

For Tip #3
Why you need it: Apple says you don't have to, and will allow you to multi-task by having apps running in the background. However, I believe it does use up your battery more...or something like it. 
How to do it: Double press the home button. Your screen should go up and show you app icons that are running. Press and hold any of the apps until they start dancing and appear with a (-). Click the minus sign on the apps you wish to close.

Why you need it: Most likely you bought your iPhone for the apps, and browsing. You've been browsing and reading a very long webpage, or you've been reading all the tweets you've missed, or Facebook updates you weren't able to read, then you wanna go back to the top. You don't have to scroll up manually. It's like a long drive going to the beach, but you don't want to suffer the long drive again after you've enjoyed the beach.
How to do it: Tap the top most bar, where the time is. It should scroll you all the way up magically, or not so magically.

Why you need it: Well, sometimes you just want to. You may know by now how to tell your phone to shut up when someone's calling, but rejecting? Most people don't know.
How to do it: During an incoming call, press the On/Off button rapidly twice to reject. Or once to turn off the ringer volume.

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