Friday, May 04, 2012

Mis-sent Globe Bill

With nothing much to do on a five-hour ride to Baguio, I checked my emails. I am subscribed to Globe Telecom's e-statements and receive both my bills through email. The PDFs are encrypted and password protected with the format (last name) + (last 4 digits of mobile number.) 

As soon as I viewed the PDF file, it got me wondering how I could have a credit of more than five hundred pesos, whereas I always pay my bills exactly to the last centavo. Browse, browse, browse... I realized it was not my plan. Scroll up. Holy smokes! It isn't even my bill! Outrageous. I immediately thought of contacting the account holder stated on the bill since I have his mobile number and name. Sent him an SMS telling him I'll be complaining about it through email and would like to cc him. The next day, he did reply, though I think he might have called the hotline already for his own version of complaints. 

It's just unbelievable that they can make a mistake like that. It poses several threats to the safety and security of not only the account holder but to his contacts:
  • Recipient knows the name, mobile number, and address of the account holder. With this information, it is easy to look up most of other information you need.
  • You can probably even stalk the person. Or become an unwanted texter.
  • The recipient can also 'scam' the contacts (since all calls are itemized for postpaid bills) by introducing himself as the account get the point.
By this year alone, that's strike two for Globe Telecom. Bad. Very bad.

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