Thursday, May 10, 2012

When You Say "Why Me?"

A couple of nights ago, I was home alone sulking and was trying to watch TV to divert my attention. I even watched Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" documentary/movie to keep my mind off things. After Bieber's story, I had to find something else because HBO was showing Salt--which I've seen several times. I surf through channels and end up watching Reel Time on GMA News TV.

So the lady had operations and radiation treatments during pregnancy and now, with the help of different mothers, feeds her baby with other people's breastmilk. Quite touching story; commending those other mothers. She goes to say:

"Nagtanong din ako sa Dyos, 'Bakit ako?' pero humingi rin ako ng tawad sa pagtatanong ko. Syempre, Dyos lang naman ang nakakaalam ng dahilan kung bakit ka binibigyan ng mga ganitong pagsubok. Sino naman ako para kwestiyunin diba?" 

(Translation: "I even asked God, 'Why me?' but I also asked for forgiveness for asking. Of course, only He knows the reasons why He gives us these trials. Who am I to question him?")

It just made my eyes well up all the more.

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