Thursday, May 03, 2012

If You Don't Know BNWT, It's Time to Get Buffaloed!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Buffalo's Wings N' Things! (Or maybe I have? But I'm too lazy to check on it.) Just to let everyone know, I am NOT a fan of buffalo wings. One is because I don't like the wing part because it's too dry--I'm a dark meat girl. Second is I feel so bad that they had to murder the wings with those red tabasco-ish sauce and drench them, like they do at Don Henrico's. They should have just fried it like Max's and it would have been edible.

And then I met Buffalo's Wings N' Things. My first time was because a friend was friends with one of the managers at the Ortigas Home Depot branch, and we had to meet there. Initial reaction: Gawd, why a Buffalo Wing place, of all places?! So we ordered, and have forever changed my thoughts on the 'murdered' ones.

BWNT offers servings per half pound, which is good for one person like me, one pound or triple sampler (1.5pound). Good part is that you get to choose the 'fire' level, you can choose flavors per half pound of wings. I always go for Rookie, the least spicy. Odd for someone who eats fire-red Korean food. Maybe I just don't like tabasco that much. They have about six variations of the spiciness level: Rookie, New York's Finest, Firehouse Classic, Nuclear, Armageddon--forgive me if I forgot something--plus a couple or so of non-spicy choices something like Garlic Parmesan and Honey BBQ(?)

But, for me, the BEST part is that the wings are not soaked with the sauce. It is served, hot, crispy and have just added the sauce on top! I always add Bleu Cheese especially when I don't order their Dirty Rice. They do not serve plain rice, just NY Dirty Rice which the boyfriend says is too Mediterranean for his nose.

One Pound of "Rookie" wings, Bleu Cheese on the side, and a cup of NY Dirty Rice.

They also serve nachos, fries, burgers and beer! Don't the wings just go well with the beer? I'm heading over the the BNWT Quezon City branch tomorrow for drinks with friends. This is definitely a place worth sharing with your friends!

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Obi Macapuno said...

i totally forgot about this place. kelangan ko pa yang balikan para try yung ibang items sa menu.