Monday, June 18, 2012

Communication 101

"If someone misunderstands you, it's your fault for not communicating right."

I have always remembered this line from way back college days. Not so sure if that was my Literature or my Humanities teacher who said so. And I think it's fairly right--unless the listener wasn't at all interested. Now that I'm single, it's time to re-practice these comm skills. Time to find people you like talking with, without much effort. Hah.

Over YM
Person 1:  Nahihirapan akong kausapin ka
Me: Hah...? Bakit?
Person 1: Ewan ko.
Me: Ahm. Baka di tayo same wavelength, wawa ka naman.
(Am I rude? LOL)

After drinks
Person 2: Ang galing mo magsalita no?
Me: *raising an eyebrow* Okay, punchline...
Person 2: No punchline.
Me: Punchline na.
Person 2: Wala lang, magaling nga. Choice of words, delivery, pronunciation.
Me: Ah, talaga. Thanks.
Person 2: Sus. Naniwala ka naman.
Me: In your dreams.

Okay, so I'm not really brushing up on my communication skills. Mostly on my condescending and the-hell-I-care conversation skills. HAHAHA! While most girls try to sweet talk, I don't. I never liked the pretentious talks of people in the getting to know stage. Boo! Hahaha! Will post more soon.


Niko Batallones said...

You sound snotty, Katia. Especially the second one... but then again I'm not the one on the other end of the conversation, because if so I will interpret it differently.

Katia said...

Hey Niko. Yes I meant to be snotty, but not in the harmful way. Both ended with laughs (the second one, with another round of drinks). Hahaha. :)