Monday, June 11, 2012


My family picked me up yesterday from Pasig and headed over to Antipolo to hear mass. I have not been very vigilant about hearing mass for weeks now... When we got there I was starting to get impatient with the heat, and how there were so much human traffic. Come communion, as soon as I got back to my pew, I closed my eyes and prayed.

I prayed for forgiveness from God, for even considering committing suicide and for questioning Him about the trials I am going through. I prayed that he may forgive me for all the mistakes and mis-thoughts I've ever had over the past weeks. Prayed that he be fine, that may he find peace and happiness on his own; and that I may do too.  Thanked God for keeping me safe, for family and friends, and for keeping me strong. 

When I opened my eyes, I was already crying in church. Yana came up and gave me her towel. It's just overwhelming and humbling. 


Anonymous said...

one time, i'd like to take you to our church. :) - tin :)

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of yana..

The Lord is so good to you Kat.. Remember the thought, "The sunrise never failed us yet.." What more, our Father in heaven.. :)

Katia said...

Thank you. Please include your name so I can address you right. :)

Tin, maybe sometime :)