Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out of My Shell

Can I just say that I'm happy I've been hitting "New Post" so often lately? I just missed it.

In relation to my previous post, I will try Just Thai today, in Burgos Circle. I'll see if I can take photos and write a short review. Loser food-blogger-wannabe. LOL.


I've just been chatting with a friend about breaking out of the shell--which is actually my Facebook status today. It made me think of how confined I have been, to what people see me as, what they expect me to be. Regardless of how I say and act 'rebellious' and stubborn to most people (especially my parents), there's always a core value in me that would be the same for a very long time. I cannot say that core values don't change, but it's something very hard to change. Not even sure where I'm getting at. I don't even have a blog post title at this point.


That being said, so how did I 'come out of my shell' lately?

For one, I've been partying. Some people may raise eyebrows, with the OMG-the-breakup-made-her-a-monster expression on their faces. But really, on my part, I think it's good. I cannot tell you how much of a culture shock I experienced not being able to walk through a multitude at The Distillery, nor how I felt like not being able to dance at Izumi. But like I said, it's breaking out. It's going outside your comfort zone and seeing or appreciating other things.

Two, talking with strangers. Yes, I may have practiced this before when I was still a flight attendant, elevator talks here and there; but culture-wise, talking to strangers is not that easy here in the Philippines. It's either you are interpreted as someone who fancies the other, or, you have a really bad intention. Thank God I'm a girl so the latter can't quite apply to me. So I talk, I don't even know how the conversations flow. At one bar, I started talking to the photographer. And just the other day, I mustered up the courage and knocked on my new neighbor's door (who had been there for just a couple of days), introduced myself as the girl living next door. I had to walk up to the door and back out for about three times.

Three, trusting people. Not good, I know. But I'm brushing up my skills on determining how trustworthy people are. Enough said. :)

Soon I will be trying more things. Maybe surfing. Or taking up street dancing. Or travelling alone. Or, as suggested by my beer buddy last night, travelling without bringing anything. Must be fun! If there's anything you feel like I have to try, let me know.

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