Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food All Around the World

Now on the second day of wearing our company uniform, it kinda made me feel like how it was when I was still a flight attendant. With the uniform--and a scarf!--I'm hoping this won't be a monotonous job. Meeting new people lately, at one point or another they just have to ask me why I quit being an FA. My answer has been repeated so many times that I can explain in my sleep. 

But it did make me think. Do I miss it? Yes. What do I miss about it?
  1. Shopping. Apart from having the money to shop with, you also get to be in places where 'imported' goods are made. Giving you the home court advantage when it comes to getting the best deals. 
  2. Seeing new places. This kinda grew out on me, because at the time that I quit, I have seen most of Asiana's destinations. Kinda envy them right now that new routes like Paris and Hawaii were introduced after I left. New places mean new subjects for photography too! And last but definitely not the least...
  3. Food. I'd forego shopping for diamonds, bags, whatever--for food. It is the only indulgence I really know. Visiting places for the real thing is just amazing. Here are the food items I miss, and somehow their counterparts and so-called "authentic" ones here are just far beyond comparison
  • Kimchi from Korea. Used to hate it, but it's a pain not to find good ones here. Only in good Korean restos.
  • Scones and clotted cream. Pair it with tea, and welcome yourself to the British land. My uncle Chris said these would make my hips huge, but I don't care.
  • Phad Thai (and street food) from the streets of Bangkok & Phuket. For some reason there are some things missing from Thai restos here. Or maybe I haven't tried that many.
  • Pho from Pho 2000 / Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh. Absolutely a lot better. The noodles are just so much different. (Okay I can never be a food blogger, because I can't explain.)
  • Seafood Chowders by the wharf. San Francisco. Biased with SF much?
  • Papa John's Pizza in Korea. I don't know why it doesn't taste the same here, nor in the US!
  • New York hotdogs. Central Park and all those onions.
  • Indian food with all the right mix of herbs and spices. New Delhi. 

Writing this is just mouthwatering. I'm hungry!

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