Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Caliraya Thoughts

Reaching my lowest point after the breakup, my blog friend Abet invited me to watch the Second POC-PSC National Games (Dragonboat and Canoe-Kayak) in Caliraya, Laguna over the weekend. Not really sure what to expect, I didn't even have any idea where Lake Caliraya is. With nothing to do on a weekend but sulk, I said yes and packed.

I met so many new people, remembered a few; especially Abet's amazing Aqua Fortis team--a good variety of people. My resident gal pal for a couple of days, Mina, Allan (Mina's best friend and teammate), and a couple of sweet lasses, Gail and Ruth, were my constant companions. I also got to see this sport that Abet has been so passionate about, and now that he is team captain, it's a very different experience. It's so heartwarming to see people happy, excited and just enjoying what is there.

Watching them go about what they do, it's not just a sport, not just a competition. It's like family, working hard for a common goal. They cook, drink, laugh, joke around, argue, remind each other of what needs to be done, look out for each other, and cheer each one on. And this goes not only within the team, friends from other teams do the same. By the end of the event I felt like I was part of the team already; I was cheering at the top of my lungs, until the team went in to finish third. 

Aqua Fortis Team

The weather was unpredictable and for the first time since I was a little girl, I walked in the rain. It felt so good to be disconnected for a while--no mobile phones, no gadgets to think of. Just yourself. It's a very carefree thing that I almost never have the luxury to enjoy. Thanks to my sunburnt nose mixed with raindrops, no one noticed when I was in tears. It's overwhelming to be able to re-appreciate the simple things in life--and life in general.

It was also a time to rediscover my love for photography, traveling, and meeting all kinds of people. A shy person inside, I like people-watching/observing--how even the simplest scenery or the most common people can turn into beautiful photographs. 

Before we headed home, I sat by the lake where there was nobody else. I can only hear the ripples of Lake Caliraya and the light waves crashing by the shore mixed with the sound of the crickets. I thanked God for giving me a new perspective in life, for having good friends and meeting new ones, for all the happy times, and even the hardships that made me who I am. I'm grateful for getting through my lowest point which made me appreciate all my other blessings, especially my family and friends. I let my heart out, and just let go. Unlike most, my faith is shaky. But during that time, I just completely let everything go and let Him have his way.

Lake Caliraya, view from Lagos del Sol

In a heartbeat, my life was changing...as the waves crash. 


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you katia.. Continue to leave the past behind and press forward into the life of blessing. Truly, family and friends will be there to support you. :)

Anonymous said...

we all have that one major turning point in our lives. this one's yours. embrace it, but most importantly, enjoy it. :)


Katia said...

Thank you both. It was indeed an enlightening experience. Many thanks to Abet for letting me experience this. Tin, you should've been there, see Captain Abet ;)