Friday, October 14, 2005

Geez... The climate's making me sick. When you wake up, darn, it's so hot. Like the sun's piercing through your skin. Then past lunchtime, fog starts blocking your way and then, rain. :( I'm suffering from the ultimate colds of my life. Yesterday, all I did was sleep. (Remember how terrible colds makes one drowsy.) If I can, I'd stop the rain from pouring so I can step out after lunch and walk til eternity.

Ironically, the song I love says, "...rain, rain please don't go away..." (Rain Rain by Nyoy Volante).

Anyway, to compensate loneliness, I shop. Ukay ukay still. Can't believe you can have so much for so little. Mind you, quality means everything to me. I used to shop through ukay-ukays but this time it isn't summer so the prices are much, much lower compared when we go through these stores during summertime. Like today, I went to the city to shop and go online and wait for my sister, I spent like three hundred or so. That's about ten pieces of clothing, I think. Kaso lang, the money we were able to save from shopping is usually spent to have them clean (laundry shop). We don't do the laundry here kase since my lola doesn't have a washing machine, and it takes forever to be dry if you don't have a tumble dryer (or drier?).

I feel like I'm in a dorm or a boarding house; before, I used to wonder how it'd feel like having to think about everything, from food to laundry to having to deal with so little cash on hand. Independent, in short.

+ + +

It's overwhelming to receive [so many] messages and comments from all of you... Sensha na super tagal magreply, nasa bundok eh. Di ko kinakaya to, once a week lang ako maginternet! Sheesh. :(

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