Sunday, October 23, 2005

Expensive Solidarity
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Yes I mean it. And this does not necessarily relate to my single stat. All I meant was, when you're alone--at least in my case--you tend to spend more than what you usually spend. No, I didn't mean that I get paid for by whoever I'm with everytime. It's just that unlike when I'm with somebody else, endless window shopping or long hours at Starbucks or plain tambay fueled with lots of stories and laughters would sure make time fly by. When alone, I can't window shop for hours coz I get tired easily (I walk briskly) and more often than not, I end up buying stuff. I can spend a couple of hours max at a coffee shop alone but that would make me frequent the counter to have my fave ham&cheese croissant in addition to my frap or cup of coffee; half an hour later, it's the Belgian waffle I'm targeting, and so on. And tambay won't make much sense to me, unless there's a fantastic view (or lots of stars).

Sometimes I wonder what happened to the loner part of me. I used to enjoy goin' out by myself (but for a specific purpose, not just to kill time). I remember there's this one night I was driving alone and if not for an SMS message, I wouldn't realize that I heading towards Cavite/Tagaytay! I was around ParaƱaque already when I got to my senses... Oh, count that out coz I was so depressed that time, I really didn't know what I was doing that night.

Oh dear. Looks like my thoughts aren't quite organized and my post's going nowhere!! Haha

Read at Your Own Risk
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One foggy afternoon I was at Mines View Park here in Baguio, enjoying the view of course. Di ko namalayan may tumabi na pala saken, umupo sa tabi ko. Edi dedma. Tas pasimple, tingen kung cute (ay lalake nga pala un), well betcha by freakin golly wow, good enough, cute nga. Tas edi wala lang, tingen lang sa view. Abah, kinausap ako. Unfortunately, Ilokano ang dialect. So I gave a puzzled look para naman mafeel nia na di ko naintindihan diba. (muka na siguro akong

So anyway, as most Baguio people, marunong naman magtagalog. So usap. Chika. Wala lang..
'Gang hingian na ng cel number. Asteg! So mejo matagal na ko sa Baguio, text text lang. hehe kahet magkaiba ng network, okay lang hahhaa...

Aion, tas to make the long story short... May boyfriend na ko.

Tas lage sha pumupunta sa house namen dito sa Baguio, meet pag pumupunta ko ng
city or ng SM Baguio... Kaya aion, sasama sha pababa ng Manila pag umuwi ako to meet my parents and grandparents pati mga kapatid ko.

Tas after ko magcollege dito ako titira, hanap
nalang ako work dito..

Tas papakasal kame... :) Like ako ng parents nia eh.. Hihi *blush*

Too good to be true?


I mean, really, it's too good to be true.

So in short, di totoo.. Hahaha..
Joke joke joke!!

Yes, I'm wasting your time.

Kaya nga read at your own risk ang title diba?? :)


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