Friday, October 21, 2005

Lean On
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To show or extend our [emotional] support to a problematic friend, we usually ask about the problem then unerstand it fully to be able to give a sound solution, judgment or advice. But the greatest form of support that we [could] give is non-verbal. Yes, the I'm-here-you-know-that feeling that we express sans the words. Coz sometimes the person doesn't actually need/want to talk about it and to be advised about it. Or, at times, there's just no plausible explanation and/or solution. Usually, we do this to the most important people in our life.

Days back, a very important person [of my life] got so depressed. Not wanting to seem prying nor deepen his sadness (yes, he's a he), we did the most we could for the following days. For most people, we seemed like all's fine. Nothing unusual; no tension at all.

As the night turned to day and the day turned to night, time came for us to part. Still, nothing unusual. He brought me home, a quick hug and beso, then it's bye-bye time. On his way home, I sent him an SMS message: ingat,, i hpe u enjoyd inspite of un4tun8 crcumstances. I fought the urge to do the verbal thing... I was almost asleep when he replied: im cryng ryt nw hir at ---- bcos i was so touchd. i was rly dpresd ystrday bcoz of ---, nd i knew hw hard u tried 2 mke d bst out of d stuation. thnk u so mch nd i love u. (Sorry, I had to omit some parts for personal reasons.)

Being the crybaby that I was, I couldn't help myself from crying. I cried because I'm so happy that my unspoken effort had been appreciated. I cried because I know how hard things are for him. And I cried coz I can't be at his side through all these, I'm miles away!

To this unnamed person: I'm here. Always. I know you know that. Loveyah too. :)

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