Thursday, November 10, 2005

Geek in the Pink
Currently feeling: Sleepy
Listening to: Computer beeps

Have lots to do, but doing nothing.

I'm in the lib, have just finished browsing through Marketing books for my Tourism Planning and Marketing course tomorrow. Still haven't got a copy of the lessons for Humanities course, I'm just surfing the net before I go home. Wala lang. Well I'm doing something sort of educational naman. I'm reading about my hometown--Navotas--so that I'd be ready in case I had to promote it impromptu. Haay, tourism.

Lyka perked up my spirit by showing me a gay site (read: pink flags waving!) that's apparently being visited by the previous users of the computer station we're using. Fabuloush. I's (my own version of I was) never aware that this actually exists. Anyway, I'll surf through for fun.

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