Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Me, Him and Her
Currently feeling: Tired
Singing along: I'm Feeling You by Michelle Branch

Introduction. Gosh I'm so tired, my body's having a hard time adjusting to my wake up time plus the wearisome travel to and from school. Listening to the professors discuss their required activities, projects, special projects and all other requirements makes me feel more ngarag than ever. This just might be the most tedious twenty one units of my college life. The final semester.

Anyway, back to the topic [of my title]. Since I wanna sleep na, I'll make this brief. See, I think I always end up liking somebody who happens to like someone else. It's because I tend to see how much he likes [or loves] her which in turn makes me envy--sort of--her because she's lucky that she's got someone who likes her as much as he does. Comments requested. Yun lang po. *bow* Blogger almost falling asleep while typing.

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