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Adeng No More
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Home sweet home! I'm so happy to be back, saw my friends yesterday at the cemetery... Kahit na di ako nakapunta nung Halloween party which they've organized, I'm excited to see everybody else but I can't wait to see the love of my life: Zoe! Wasn't able to say goodbye before I left so I ought to see Zoe asap.

To our Baguio friends: I hope we'd still keep in touch through Friendster or YM at least. We'll let you know if we're in town again. Can never forget your kindness, I hope you'd never forget what we may have shared to you (like what LSS meant). I realized I was starting to understand the local dialect before we were off for Manila, though I knew how to count one to three. Anyway, t'was nice knowing you guys, definitely see you again someday. To Rach and Taritz, I'll drop by your house sometime again; drop by ours if you're in town. To Andrei and Kabs, sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you during my stay. Next time.

So some Baguio anecdotes for you. Alam niyo bang [in Baguio] when people hear that you're from Manila, you're synonymous to the expression "Yeah/Yah". Sabi nila super word daw kase yan ng mga taga-baba. Yah right! Hehe.. And LSS [Last Song Syndrome] hasn't reached civilization there. Anyway when my sis was watching Pinoy Big Brother eviction night a week ago, wherein this girl named Chx was evicted, she said, "Ganto pala sa outside world," when asked by host Toni Gonzaga what it's like to be 'out'. To which my sister exclaimed, "Ate, pag-uwi siguro naten sabihin ko din, 'Wow, ganto pala sa outside world!,'" Kulet diba.

I came to understand her boredom because I experienced a bit what hell was for her. Out of boredom, we've done so much nonsense. I think I've written the lyrics of almost all the songs on my mp3 player! We've almost finished a book of loop-a-word puzzles, and my sis has created her own loop-a-word puzzles too. Some of her puzzles even containing all the states of America! I've even created 'letterings' for numerous names, kulang na lang makagawa ako ng sarili kong font style (I'm working on it).

The best I've done so far was an ambigram for my name. Finally! Being someone who states 'lettering' as a hobby, I got so inspired to make one after a jaw-dropping amazement at the ambigrams on Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons. It's still on paper so I can't show it yet, I'd have to scan it or do it on Adobe Photoshop pa. Whatever.

After a week of being offline, the Friendster messages got stacked up. A particularly interesting one is an inquiry on why I don't include a photo of myself on my left side column of this blog page. I never really thought it'd matter. But for those who're wondering as well, here's my side. Well, I don have a photo of me--up there--but it's a silhouette of me, Lara Croft style at the shooting location of Tomb Raider [I forgot which one]: Ankor Wat, Cambodia. So why not a non-silhouette pic? Umm because I created this blog for my thought so I think it should be the main attraction (not that my face would grab the spotlight or anything). Plus, I wouldn't want anybody pondering why I'm born with such unpleasant face when all I wanted to display were my thoughts. And in a world of no anonymity, there's always a way to find out how I actually looked like if you're that curious and eager. Oh, sounds familiar... :)

Back to Baguio stories... (ang gulo ba?) There's this one night that out of boredom I had two cups of strong blend coffee. As you may have guessed, I wasn't able to sleep a wink. The morning after, I looked like a zombie and I borrowed my sis' phone and took pics of myself, horrible enough to be a model. A model for halloween! :) There's an Amy Lee of Evanescence-like photo (yung sa album nila, I forgot the album name), then a Christina Ricci deadringer for Sleepy Hollow. Spooky!

My dreamland experiences in Baguio are quite spooky enough. My dreams have been telling me some things lately. Or were they really? Judge. First, I dreamt of Camille, my friend's cousin. Nothing unusual about the dream, I just came across her while I was walking down a dark street, I recognized her because she was laughing hard and when she recognized me, she blushed and smiled shyly [she was with a guy]. When I woke up, I sent my friend an SMS message and told her of what I dreamt about. She replied by saying Camille had just underwent surgery of the appendix. Okay. Next. On the night of the 24th, I dreamt about my friend's elder sister Diana. The 24th is the actual schedule of Diana's interview at the British Embassy (for migration). In my dream, her interview yielded negative results because she forgot to pay for some other fees. When I woke I sent an SMS message again to my friend. Sure enough, interview results were negative because she lacked--not payments--IDs! By this time I'm amazed, and somehow thought they may just be coincidences. Then, the night before my parents were supposed to arrive at Baguio to fetch us, I dreamt that when I woke up, my mom's there already. Which is contrary to their 2pm arrival schedule. When I actually woke up, I told my sister that maybe our parents are coming in earlier than expected. By 10am, my mom sent an SMS saying they're in Baguio na..

Hmmm.. What do you think? Should I be waiting what's gonna happen with another dream, wherein I was reunited with a friend way back elementary days? And with yet another dream where I got together (romantically) with a highschool batchmate who's been so affectionate but was never actually my type? Keeps me wondering. *wink*

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