Sunday, November 13, 2005

Currently feeling: Hyped
Listening to: Burn by Tina Arena

Yesterday, we went to PICC for our second training as LOs for the SEA Games. We rode the UST bus which got me excited since I haven't been able to ride it ever. Sobrang hirap hiramin ng mga lecheng bus na nakapark lang madalas! Anyway for those people who don't know, two sections were chosen from our school to participate as Liason Officers for the said event. I think the PhilSOC got 60 students from each of the different schools. Anyway, during the morning session, there were students from FEATI University, UP Diliman, University of Makati, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig, and I-forgot-what-other-schools. Congratulations to my university, we've got the most exciting sport to LO upon: Table tennis! *darn* And it's Bayview Park Hotel. *darn darn darn*

Gad, I think I'm kinda stressed out. I need a getaway! Boracay, anyone? Libre niyo ko huh! ;P Speaking of Bora, I was browsing through a friend's Friendster account, when I saw their pics (of my friend and the honey) at Bora. And Puerto Galera. And Subic. Goshhhh... I don't know if I'm envy because they went to such beautiful places or because they're together (coz I don't have anybody to be together with).

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