Friday, November 11, 2005

Of Needs and Wants
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I was so amused with Ma'am Bermudez during our ETAR (Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform, if I'm not mistaken) course today. She was discussing the introduction to college economics with wit and fun. Her lecture went like this:
So, 'demand' refers to what we need and want. By the way, how do you differentiate a 'need' from a 'want'? According to Kotler need's dictionary meaning is depravity of (from?) something. Meaning, you don't have that thing. He incorporated this definition to his explanation of a need from a want.

Need, as he therefore explained, is when you don't have the thing. Want, on the other hand, is still a need itself--but, with a personal touch. Let's say you're hungry, you say, "I'm hungry. I need food. I want fried chicken."

For someone who is--or was--not an Economics student, the phrase 'I need you' may be the sweetest thing she'd want to hear. And 'I want you' is offensive. But you, you'd never see it like the way it seemed before. I mean--technically speaking Economics--I need you is more like the person needs somebody because there is absolutely nobody. While, I want you means you are the person's choice.

If you're gonna say it, say it something like this: "I need a friend. I want that friend to be you." *applause* Well if you still want to make it more elaborate, here: I need a friend. I want that friend to be you. I want you to be my friend so much that I need you.
This is absolutely amazing. Got us all clapping and smiling. :)

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