Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sleepy Dork
Currently feeling: Super sleepy
Listening to: Maling Akala by Eheads

I have this 4hour break in between my Economics and Humanities preliminary exams so me and my friends went out to eat at Jollibee and soon after decided to spend the time at the library to review for Humanities (we need to review 75% of the book I think). Anyway, I don't have a book so I have reproductions of it (also known as photocopies) to suffice. I was reading and reading and reading... Then I fell asleep! Haha! Thanks to my cute Tigger pillow, I did not have the I-slept-on-top-of-papers marks on my face!

So here I am, at the Internet section of the library to awaken my senses. We still have an hour and a half until it's judgment time on Humanities. Also, thanks to Chris (Lyka's bf), who had with him his portable mp3 player with almost nothing but Eraserheads songs... :)

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