Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Inaantok Ako
Currently feeling: Tired
Listening: a Nina song

Just woke up after my second day of training at PeopleSupport, and I'm sleepy. He-he. But I'm enjoying my training because the people I met are really nice. (I can hear my Humanities teacher say: "Nice is already an overused word!") Although I don't have classes until today (because of the retreat), I still get up early in the morning so as to train my body clock to be satisfied with three hours of sleep and just sleep in the afternoon before going to work again.

With nothing to do with my 'awake hours', I browse through the Mandarin book every so often so that I don't just read them and forget them afterwards, read and read and retain them in my memory, hopefully. Also, I chat in pinyin (there's a site for this). Hahaha.. Sometimes I join the conversation sometimes I just try to figure out what on earth they're saying! Anybody out there willing to teach me Chinese online? :)

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