Saturday, January 07, 2006

School's Cool?
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Eventhough I was feverish since last night, I went to school today to meet up with my kada. We went researching at the Central Library--yes, you are not hallucinating, we actually did school stuff on a Saturday--for our Humanities group project. Of coincidences, our topic is Chinese art. Chinese. Last night my mom actually thought I was 'immersing' myself so much in the Chinese culture (for my boyfriend) because I was on the net reading about Chinese art! Hahaha! Well today, we browsed through tons of books [and became a bit of critics]. Well, Chinese art is quite ironic. If you look at their paintings, it's mostly about nature: flowers, mountains, community, etc. And, for lack of words, 'tame'. But, try looking at their sculptures, it's exact opposite. I mean, horrendous monsters as wine vessels? And the dragons atop houses, plus guarding tiger-like species (terribly unidentifiable tigers coz they look like monsters already)? Oh well, let's just respect their choice of subjects. And with our continuous research, hopefully I'll be able to find the answers. Naks! The truth is out there? X-files?!

More library stories. While at the lib I wished I had a laptop and a hand held scanner with me so that all that I wanted to scan will be scanned right then and there. Unlike our case right now, I had to bring home just three books at a time! To think that we'd like to have numerous sources/references... On our way down from the Humanities section, my attention was caught by a book lying around. OMG, it was the Ultimate Mandarin book that I wanted to buy (but can't, coz it's P800+ at PowerBooks)! So I snatched it right away. Hehe. Next stop, the library lobby, where we'd have to 'process' the borrowing of books. I gave all three books to the woman at the counter and swiped my ID so that she'd be able to input the information on the books to be borrowed on my account. I was patiently waiting for her to finish up the procedure(s) when she stared at me [for a split second] with a questioning look. I was puzzled so I leaned over to see if anything was wrong. Then I knew why. She happened to have noticed the title of one of the books I was trying to borrow: "Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul"! HAHAHA... I borrowed it for my sister... Hahahahaha

When I got home I started scanning the photos on the [art] book right away. Sipag huh? Since the scanner's up and running, I decided to scan my so-not-like-me graduation photos just so I'd have it on file. Speaking of graduation, congratulations to my dad, who is finally a candidate for graduation! After more than twenty years of neglecting two subjects which he unknowingly have not taken, he's finally getting a diploma. That is, of batch 2005! Hahaha, my brother's from the older La Salle batch pa, 2004! :)

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