Thursday, June 29, 2006

"The blue and yellow purple hills..."

Thanks to this very busy med-exam week, my body clock is slowly going back to normal. Being unemployed, I used to sleep when everybody's up and wide awake when all are fast asleep. But now, it's pretty normal. Sleeping right after My Girl (thanks to the small TV that's been relocated to our room) and waking up at around eight get a dose of sun (aka sunbathing). I know that's too much sleep for some of you, but hey, I don't have call times nor would I be late for anything! :) Bliss.

As I'm munching on See's (again), I'm thinking of 'redecorating' my blog template but I have absolutely no idea right now so... Stuck in white.

So what have I done today? Woke up early and I was glad it wasn't raining so I embraced the sun and soaked for half an hour. Then me and dad went to the med center to submit pending MD requests (on dental and cholesterol). I had a "to show fifteen pieces of the prescribed medicine" note on my file for the cholesterol level so I brought in a bottle of a U.S.-made pills of almost the same generic name (which my balikbayan ninong handed me when he learned about the choles thing). Funny thing is, he kept scratching his head coz he's not familiar with those blue pills. In the end, he approved of it even if he can't find it anywhere on his PIMS book. Talk about entrusting your life to doctors huh? Would approve something they don't even know of. What if those were X or something? Oh hey Gil, remember what I said about licenses. Haha.

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