Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Sunday

Just got home. My sandals are soaking wet though I still look fab (I guess!) Me and dad went to my balikbayan ninong's house for a chat and we just walked half a block. He's been gone for as long as I can remember, he migrated to California fifteen years ago--that makes me five when I supposedly saw him last. Now I'm munching See's chocolates which mom says are so expensive that she didn't buy them when they came upon those in Hong Kong; well, they taste Cadbury to me.

To make up for the fifteen years he gave me a bunch of kikay bath stuff from The Spa Workshop. Geez, just when the dermatologist ordered me to use Dove--and only Dove.

I totally forgot that it was Karla's (aka Lady Blue, aka Mama Kharl) birthday, if not for Godfrey who texted me about it. Agh! Mama Kharl if you're reading this, happy birthday! You're still my NCO :P Earlier today I found a way how to put the small non-cable TV inside the room I share with Yana and Mika. Hehe. Now there's a more comfy way to watch My Girl every night.

Lagut ako tomorrow I still don't have most of the requirements. Aykkss, c'mon how do I obtain a copy of my PagIBIG and PhilHealth documents that my previous company applied me for? I tried calling their HR department and the told me to "send an email." Knowing them, they couldn't care less.

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