Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two dermatologists and counting

A family friend was kidnapped a few days ago, ransom is a hundred million pesos. Geez.


My gosh, I so pity you--the people who apparently thought a tagboard was a chat room--for the lack of respect. Just like a famous super hero who said, "With power comes great responsibility," having the privilege of using the internet requires the same. THERE ARE NETIQUETTES, PEOPLE. Find a chat site or go for Yahoo Messenger! Still clueless? Allow me to suggest a few sites: Flirtage, Chathouse or better yet, Yahoo Chat.


So much for wasting my time on annoying people, back to reality, I've been at home for a good two weeks now. Well except for the day when I went shopping for a sleeveless-but-business-clothes for the interview. Some of my classmates are now working, some for non-tourism establishments though. And I, I'm still trying to pursue my dream. Nobody ever said achieving your dreams were easy, but I never thought it was so tough. There are a lot of sacrifices. Like letting go some offers, trying to lose weight, etc. And the confidence level slump.

I've seen two dermatologists already (for the red spots on my arms), to no avail. I was trying to schedule another appointment with a third so that before my final interview (uh, yeah I passed the second interview coz luckily they didn't check on the arms and the legs) comes, my arms'd be clear. But lo, my final int sched was so soon... Just six days after I went to the second int. The final int would be on Wednesday... And hey, I need some prayers out there. Thanks.

My lola's been telling me to make room for disappointment, and so does my mom. But I don't know, I think I'm really getting my hopes up too high for this coz I really want this job. I was never the pessimistic type so I always hope I'd get in, lately my thoughts are evening out. Maybe they're right; maybe I'd get through the int and then fail the medical exams; or whatever. I don't know. They always tell me, "If it's for you, it's for you." But I know it should be for me, I mean I know I can do the job. Really. Waa. Prayers, please. I'd really appreciate that. Kulang nalang magnovena ako sa Baclaran.

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