Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sporty Spice

Gosh, I was so glad Mikee was second on the Pinoy Big Brother finale. Not that I want Kim to win--I knew she would--I just want the Mikee to finish past Gerald. No, I'm NOT a Mikee-Kim fan or a Mikee fan for that matter. I just think a cheater shouldn't be given half a million. Hahaha...


I've been a bit sporty lately. No, not the type who'd go out and do fencing or something. I'm most of the time glued on the TV watching different kinds of it. I watch swimming (I don't know what competition that is), an inter-Australia swimming competition, the Asian 9-ball Championship, the French Open 2006, blah blah blah. I'm not much of a World Cup fan so don't expect me to blab about David Beckham or something. Ask Princess, the girl who'd love to snatch David from Victoria. Haha.


I forgot how to Share-a-Load sa Globe. And everyone else in the house is on Smart.


Funny how I seem to have a dream every night. Every night. Some I remember, some I don't.

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