Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Never been so eager for a med exam

This would be my fourth time to write this post. On the first, blogger had a "Blog not found" error. Second, nagbrownout. Third, naghang ang pc. Fourth, eto na. :)

After a gruelling whole day pre-employment medical exam, our last stop was SM Mall of Asia for tympanography. It's related to air pressure and eardrums. Anyway, all of us thirty one girls are in that small clinic and out of exhaustion we weren't talking to each other so much. No wonder some people passing by were throwing us puzzled gazes--we were in Manila Hearing Aid clinic. They must've been thinking, shit quite a number of girls are going deaf!

I still haven't received my "Fit to work" remark; I have dental restorations and it appears that I have high cholesterol level so I'd need to take some meds. There. I hope I'd finish this medical thing this week. Then we're off. Soon.

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