Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Insecurity Attack!

Thanks to all the well-wishers for kuya's health. [Heartfelt thanks to __, Niko, Jaiskizzy, Aisha and ate CheChe.] X-ray results proclaimed a negative remark on TB. Yey! For that we celebrated (on the eve of Easter Sunday) through a quiet and peaceful dinner at Dulcinea at Greenbelt 1, with kuya's girlfriend.

+ + +

I stumbled upon this blog-slash-comic-strip called Kisses. I love it! You've got to check this out for an instant mood lift. I found myself laughing all by myself. (Make sure you start from the first strip.)

+ + +

Quite honestly, I seldom get insecure. But right now after I've just finished looking at my photos posted on Friendster...insecurity attack! I feel so ugly right now. Aaagh! Way too heavy, too chubby, too everything. Waaaah.

+ + +

The bitchy effect? PMS pala. *wide toothed grin*

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