Sunday, April 29, 2007


It must've been because of the half-month off in Manila this April that' s making me soo homesick. The last time I experienced this was Christmas. I can't really think of anything else but to go home. Been counting how many more flights before I go 701 (that's Seoul-Manila flight number).

Anyway, my birthday's fast approaching and I'm getting greetings as early as now. Dad even asked what birthday present I wanted. I can't think of any. I guess being with them and having a dinner with my whole family would be enough. Really. I miss them too much.

Hmm. Well anyway when I really thought about it, I had a few things in mind if anybody else asks what present I wanted. I asked kuya to buy me the cheapest set of good sound quality (like, iRiver-quality) compact speakers he could find which I could bring to Seoul and connect them to my laptop for an instant soundtrip session when on a day off. I guess PhP500 is enough for that? (But kuya says he's broke so...) Oh and I want a pair of comfy PJs. Yes, I am cheap. I never really liked expensive gifts; I feel like someone's buying me off or something.

Also, I'm thinking of what gift to get myself. Except for a vanity day (which is like, almost every month naman) of massage and the likes, I'm really thinking if it's the right time to get myself a DSLR I so wanted since college. But I'm torn which to buy (and which lenses). I have my eyes on Nikon D50 though. And, I'm also undecided where to buy. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo? Singapore? Or wait til mid-year (June) sale in the US? Or [worse,] Thanksgiving Day sale in the US? Suggestions please?
I'm in Seattle, by the way. But I gotta go to church now so Seattle would be another post.

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