Monday, April 30, 2007

Rewarding Seattle

My flight to Seattle wasn't the best as I was sick right after that NY flight so I'm a mess during Seattle flight. The pressure won't get released and my head felt like exploding. I wanted to cry during landing time but my jumpseat was right across passengers so I can't. Imagine a flight attendant crying? Nyahaha. And I was doing announcements so it'd be weird to say, "Ladies and gentlemen, *sniff* welcome to Seattle Tacoma *sniff* international airport..."

Anyway, while still on the flight, I already decided I won't go shopping--or window shopping--on layover. I'm alone anyway: the team consisted of Korean crew, two Japanese crew and then there's me. I'd eat at the diners outside the hotel, work out hopefully, and get plenty of R&Rs.

But then I remembered we're arriving at noon of Saturday, I have the whole Sunday and leaving noon on Monday. Sunday. Hmm. I miss going to church. Rarely do I get to have a Sunday off-work. So I call the hotel's concierge and ask for the nearest Catholic church. Sure enough there's one like eight minutes away and there's a mass as early as 8:30.

Jet lag and all, my eyes opened up at 5am, way too early for the 8:30 mass I'm targeting but anyhow I go prepare. (And go online to kill time.) Got down to the lobby at 8, had the concierge call me a cab and I'm off to church. I spent $10 for the cab ride, but it's okay, I'd rather spend it to go to church than go shopping. (Naks!)

The yellow cab pulls over outside a church, surrounded with...trees. Very quiet, I can't even slam the cab door shut coz I'd disturb the peace! There's a Catholic school beside the church. I go inside and was greeted by an old lady and a middle aged man; the lady instantly asks me if I need a ride back to the airport area. (How could they know that? Haha) People are very warm and friendly and the lady said she'll find somebody who could take me back to my hotel.

Uh, yeah. If I were not in that church, I would've said no. But this time I go for it. So okay, then the mass started shortly after the rosary ended. I love it. Really. I was thinking, "Wow, it was such a great decision to go to church than go shopping." Loved, loved, loved it. It's so rewarding.

So, no, I didn't see the Space Needle. I didn't go to the Boeing plant. But I had fun in Seattle. By myself.

[Ed's note: Part below was added hours after I saved the draft.]

The Space Needle

Seattle at night

I did see the Space Needle after all. Somebody took me out for a drive the night I drafted this post.

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