Monday, April 02, 2007


What do other people do on Holy Week? What do you do on Holy Week?

I grew up doing what I thought all people do during this sacred week:
- Palm leaves on Palm Sunday mass
- Bisita Iglesia on Holy Thursday
- Procession on Good Friday
- Salubong on the midnight of Black Saturday-Easter Sunday
- Hear the Easter Sunday mass

Weeks back, I got so excited that I'd be home for the entire Holy Week that whenever anyone asked me when's my dayoff schedule for April I'd go, "I'll be there the entire Holy Week." And then flash a really big smile. And the moment they ask, "So where would you be?" my face instantly crumples up.

I'm disappointed that some people see this week as an escape. Fun, laughter, celebration. Riiiight. Jesus just died and people are all out partying and so drunk at Bora? C'mon. I wouldn't mind if people went out of town for a more solemn Holy Week, but those with other itineraries in mind...ugh.

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