Friday, December 23, 2005

Pre Christmas
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Hmm.. The first photo is the view from the bottom of the giant Christmas tree in UST. Such a spectacular display of lights and lanterns. Too bad my mobile phone's camera's resolution isn't as nice as a digital cam's. Haha... The fireworks during the Paskuhan celebration was superb! Although it wasn't as long as the fireworks display during the closing ceremonies of the SEA Games, it's okay. Whatever... (What am I saying?!)

The next photo is me posing in front of the Fountain of Life (please correct me if I'm wrong) found in UST also. Nung Paskuhan ko lang ata nakita yan na may ilaw at umaandar hehe... It should be visible if you're along Espana Boulevard at night. After the Paskuhan program, many students--and non Thomasians alike--still loitered around the campus to enjoy the lights display throughout the university. Lights everywhere! Main building, Arch of the Centuries, Benavides Park, Grandstand. Literally, everywhere. I appreciated that the Architecture building (Beato Angelico) had its own lantern display. :)

Okay enough of my Paskuhan stint. But honestly, the fun factor does not and will not depend on the program per se, it's dependent on who you're with. I enjoyed hanging around and loitering around, slumped on the soccer field with my classmates. It's our last, for god's sake. Argh, I said enough of the Paskuhan thingies. Hahaha...

What else should I be blogging about? Oh! I just got home from Makati tonight. I did contract signing (parang endorser huh?) with PeopleSupport already! I am officially employed [part time]! I am excited eventhough employment would mean that I can't go to our class' retreat and the Puerto Galera trip for my thesis. It's okay, it's alright, gee wee yo I look alright! hahaha cheering squad?!

Oh, and yeah. I was wondering why the free email services that most of us have (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) don't have Stationery features. Like in Yahoo, you have to sign up for Yahoo Mail Plus. Hmmmppp... My Chinese boyfriend's been sending me emails with cutsie BGs coz his email provider, 126, has it. I'm envious!

Anyway, I might not be online until after Christmas, so allow me to greet all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyous New Year! I hope y'all have worthwhile holidays.

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