Monday, December 26, 2005

Picks! Pix!
Currently feeling: Uneasy
Listening to: These Days by Bamboo

Really, what's gotten into me that I feel like posting (and posting and posting...) photos lately? I still don't know. Oh geez I'm a bit itchy right now, I had a glass of Novellino whites and its effects are starting to show (and be felt)... I'm allergic to alcoholic drinks kase. Anyway, on with the pictures!!

First picture is me and my siblings together with our paternal grandparents. That's kuya, Lolo, Lola, Miko, (seated) me and my very pregnant younger sister Mika. For the second picture, I believe you're not clueless on who they are. :)
Third photo is me and my sister and kuya posing with the book which my kuya gave his sisters: Cosmopolitan's Man Management. Haha what a gift! Next photo, that's me at our living room. Don't I blend well with the tablecloth?!
Lastly, that's still me, while struggling with Chinese language. My mom took this shot and thanks to my lola's very bright Christmas lights I looked like a monster ahihihi... I feel like posting my wackiest photos but decided against it. Baka maging Halloween tong Christmas special ko eh. Hehehehe..

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