Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas everyone! So this is how my day went:

24 December
20:00 went to my lola's house for Christmas dinner
22:00 went to Misa de Aguinaldo with my whole family plus grandparents
23:30 got a call from XYH, greeting me 'Meli Klismas' ;)

25 December
00:00 Noche buena at home, plus gifts and all
03:00 Sleep time, but a rowdy neighbor prevented us all from doing so
07:00 People began dropping by the house, I'm still curled up
10:00 I finally got up, went down stairs wearing my jogging pants and a big shirt, helped out in entertaining guest, preparing food and managing gifts
17:30 The calm after the storm, finally, I was able to take a bath and change into presentable clothes!
19:20 Another call from China
19:30 Dinner at my lola's house again, afterwards we'll be giving gifts and opening them here too...

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