Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in Your Hearts
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My mom used to tell me that all her children are of blood type B since both my parents are. It was a shock to know today that I'm an O+. I had a blood typing test because I was supposed to donate plasma for my godfather's son, Jason. It's such a sad thing that I wasn't a B+ because they really need donors right now. He's in a critical condition due to Dengue, and I took every precaution yesterday (not to stay up late, no alcoholic beverages, etc.) just to be qualified as a donor, and the most important one, compatibility, failed my hopes to help the person in need.

I don't know what got into me that I opted to put a small photo of me here on my blog page. Just felt like doing something different by starting with the 'Life is waiting' blog title.

Tomorrow's Paskuhan already; Paskuhan is the university wide Christmas celebration. I am looking forward to it, but I don't think I'm as excited as everybody else. I think I'm gonna be there for the sake that it's my last Paskuhan as a college student (unless of course, I fail a subject and be disqualified for graduation). Anyway, I bought a green shirt for the parade (I never even knew that there's a parade per college, until this year haha) because my section opted for my suggestion to go rainbow colors RoyGBiv. As the student council president said, the more colors the better. Right. Whatever.

Hmm, Christmas spirit is really not with me this year huh? I don't feel it. I haven't even gone Christmas shopping, not even clothes for myself, and I don't intend to buy gifts at all. Except for my lone inaanak. This is odd.

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