Sunday, May 06, 2007


Election's fast approaching (I can't vote anyway, sad to say) and everybody seems to be on that topic whenever they meet someone. Who does this, who says what, blahblahblah. I've felt the election craze ever since campaign period started coz we've had different candidates coming over and having their posters done. To all those who don't know, we own a small printing press here in Navotas. A family business. (And I take pride that we do great posters, far from standards of other people. *bow*)

Here in my hometown (yes, I'm back home) you'd see a lot of young candidates. People say, it's all about face value here. Hmm. And there's one who'd prolly win just because of the surname (ugh, talk about having people ask me if he's a relative or something *eyesroll*). Anyway, this year's exciting as you can't predict who would win (or lose).

Eeeenough. I don't really talk politics, y'know.

I had a dress altered last month and it's back now; I bought it on sale in Sydney for AU$5.00! Hehe. Might wear it on my birthday. Yeeee. I can't think of anywhere to have my birthday dinner at. I'm looking for a semi-formal place, definitely not in a mall, quiet, etc. If anybody knows L.A. Cafe at Roces Av (Morato? I'm not sure), I'm looking for a place quite like that.

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