Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Legally. 21.

I'm 21, omg.

Location: Manila. I got a massage last Saturday which left bruises around shoulder area, renewed my driver's license yesterday, got a facial and a body scrub (something called Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Mud Pack?) that left me feeling baby-ish. Got one of the first gifts--Grey's Anatomy DVD! :) Wipee!

I'm sharing my birthday with a few people: Tito Mike, my dad's bandmate; Shelley, the Isabel Oli-lookalike and college classmate; Marlon, my good friend Jhen's cousin; Mica, my dongki and good friend in Asiana. To all these people, I wish you're having, or will have, a blast (especially to Mica who's flying San Francisco today)!

To all those who greeted me, thank you so much. From SMS to phone calls to e-cards to emails to blog comments to Friendster comments or messages to YM offline messages..ah, the wonders of technology.

And to all who asked me out for a birthday dinner or something, I'm sorry but I really have to decline. Family always comes first. A birthday just won't be the same if I don't celebrate it with them. Okay don't throw me a, "That's exactly why I'm asking you out: so this birthday won't be the same!"

Again, thanks everyone.

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