Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sales talk

I bought my camera at Sky City in Gimpo (Seoul) for five hundred and fifty dollars. That's a hundred dollars more than the cheapest price I wanted. But I bought it. There's a "why".

The salesman was really nice. He hardly speaks English! Talk about the effort to get his points across. Even when it came to choosing which SD card, he showed me the difference between all the choices. I even asked him if he likes Nikon, he said he does but he actually owns a Canon. His shop happens to have mp3 players as well so I asked him for an iRiver E10 and he told me straight up not to buy it. (He saw the iRiver hanging around my neck and) He said I'd waste my money on the E10 coz the sound quality is just like an iPod. Yikes. I almost wasted a hundred and fifty!

In Singapore, there are really cheaper prices but prices were drastically lower so it made me skeptical. And one mobile phone shop in Singapore told us how some shops' prices could go so low. And then there was one salesman who was so rude that he won't even tell me the price if I'm "not serious in buying one." Rude Singaporean. Gusto ko siyang sampalin ng pera na dala ko. Nyahaha. Ang rude kasi.

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