Monday, May 14, 2007


I almost went home today. Last night I was having a terrible toothache I almost called in for sick leave today. Knowing we don't have a dentist at the medical center, they'd surely send me home. Then I can vote and have dental check-up. But I didn't coz we only are given 10days of sick leave in a year and I already had seven; it's only been half a year so who knows if I get terminal or something during the other half? *sigh*

You know you're addicted to something/someone when the first thing you think about is it/him/her. I'm...addicted. To Grey's Anatomy. When I checked in last night, the first thing I set up was the DVD player. Usually I set up the laptop, connect it to the LAN cable, etc., etc. Haha. The series sure took my mind off eating. Now that's a new weight loss program!

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