Friday, December 21, 2007

All I want for Christmas... to hear/attend Christmas mass.

Seriously. I couldn't really ask for anything more 'coz God's been so good to me, even granting a long (3D/4N) layover in SF. I have a day off in Korea on the 24th and flying out on Christmas day to SF.

I inquired about [English and Tagalog] Christmas masses on two churches that usually have 'em on Sundays; unfortunately they won't have foreign language masses the day before, prolly just on Christmas day itself. My heart sank. Last Christmas I also wasn't able to go to church because I had a flight. And now that I have the chance, there are no masses I could actually understand.

Told Al about it and my only hope would be to hear mass when I get to SF (which, because of the 17-hour time difference, is still Christmas day). I was already at the office awaiting my showup for my Seattle flight and I was there MapQuest-ing nearby churches in SF. Luckily I found one that had the earliest possible time (with my arrival being sometime between 10am-12noon) -- a 1pm mass -- at a church four minutes away. It got my hopes up and gladly told him about it.

The thing is, we had planned to leave SF as soon as I get there to go to Reno, NV, which i s like a four hour drive (depending on how heavy the snow would be) and he wouldn't want us caught up in snow and driving through it dark and late. He didn't actually say no to my Christmas mass thing, but he didn't really say yes either.

Must have been the hormones working and I was crying in front of a computer at the office, ruining my makeup. It made me half-wish I'm spending Christmas at home, where people would certainly drop everything for a Christmas mass. It's so difficult expecting people to be doing the same stuff that you're used to, having the same beliefs that you have had all your life.

Christmas, is CHRIST-mas. How could I not go to church?

My cousin dete Jan--who flew to Yokohama the day I left Manila a few days ago--was right. It would have been easier to leave and not miss the people in our family/home had it been any other family. But when you're having the best, how could you find any place better?

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